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Turn your cell phone into
an effective Geiger Counter

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After the radioactive releases from nuclear power plant in Japan, a weak radiation can be measured as far away as in Europe, and moreover, many consumers began to fear for radioactive content in imported foods.

In order to check radiation you can now download a free applet to your mobile phone and turn it into an effective Geiger Counter.

You have you still always your cell phone with you, and this way you can continually check eg the foods you see in the supermarket.

This little applet enables your mobile to a small portable Geiger counter, which will be fully functional and capable of measuring all three primary forms of radiation; alpha, beta and gamma radiation. The counter is sensitive enough to detect background radiation.

This service is ABSOLUTELY FREE for the first 1500 participants who join.

You can also purchase it from our Internet Store, or you may purchase the key components seperately and build the Geiger Counter from scratch.

Radioactivity is the spontaneous emission of energy from the nucleus of certain atoms. The most familiar radioactive material is uranium.

There are three forms of energy associated with radioactivity; alpha, beta and gamma radiation. The classifications were originally determined according to the penetrating power of the radiation, see Figure 1. Our Geiger Counter can detect the three types of radiation; alpha, beta and gamma radiation.

Alpha rays are the nuclei of helium atoms, two protons and two neutrons bound together. Alpha rays have a net positive charge. Alpha particles have weak penetrating ability, a couple of inches of air or a few sheets of paper can effectively block them.

Beta rays were found to be electrons, identical to the electrons found in atoms. Beta rays have a net negative charge. Beta rays have a greater penetrating power than Alpha rays and can penetrate 3mm of aluminum.

Gamma rays are high-energy photons. This has the greatest penetrating power being able to pass through several centimeters of lead and still be detected on the other side. Thick lead is needed to attenuate gamma radiation.

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