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Danish culture in 24 videos

Peter Wendelboe's famous multimedia Advent calendar 2010 is 50th edition of what is arguably the world's first multimedia Advent Calendar, and the first Internet-based Advent Calendar. Today's Calendar is not only a papplade with 24 wickets. Today's calendar can be many things, from the elaborate in three dimensions as it does, Christmas peace gathering, to the electronic on-line calendar that appears on CD-ROM or DVD. Numerous individuals and institutions also make different kinds of Christmas calendars online.

The world's first multimedia advent calendar was written at Aalborg Cathedral School at Christmas 1960 when the then 18-year-old Peter Wendelboe using two tape recorders, two slide projectors and an overhead projector entertained classmates and teachers. Since then Peter Wendelboe each year produced a "multimedia Advent Calendar". And the audience got bigger and bigger, from high school to university and army buddies. For many years the Advent calendars together with students from Aalborg schools. The technical became widened with film and later video. In 1995 when the previous frame less Internet was equipped with a graphical interface, color and sound, moving media Advent Calendar on the Internet, first as a collaboration between first classes in Los Angeles, Texas, Australia and the village Ellidshøj at Aalborg. Since the multimedia Christmas calendar audience become more adult. From 1998 a large group of expatriates that make up the Danish list involved. They showed the 24 "gates" with 360-degree panoramas, audio and video, how Danes live and spend Christmas in foreign climes.

Since then Peter Wendelboe multimedia advent calendar every year in collaboration with 13 expatriates presented a new theme, which were placed in both Danish and English: The 24 Danish kings from Margrethe I of Margrethe II, Christmas in the Old Town in Aarhus, decorations, history, Danish "wise men" (Nils Bohr, Hans Christian Oersted, Eckersberg, Poul Henningsen, Carl Th. Deryer, Karen Blixen, etc.), 24 episodes of HC Andersen's fairy Marsh King's daughter "with original illustrations by artist Esben Rooster Feldt on the occasion of Hans Christian Andersen year. In 2008 the theme" Soren Kierkegaard sicater that the world does not know and in 2009 told Peter Wendelboe on "Danish celebration and flag day which is not known in the fire.

In 2010 is the theme was: "Danish inventions that moved the world". This Calendar is possibly one of them.

Since 2000, multimedia calendar had an address

Advent calendar
During the 1960 'and 70' were the traditional advent calendar several places replaced with 24 small packets placed on a piece of needlework fitted with 24 rings - one for each calendar presents. The packages vary in size and value, but they were and are always packaged beautifully, individually. The small packets excites curiosity, and fighter currently on the run.

In some - often childless - families, it happens that even the adults give each other an advent calendar, and had the time and imagination lacking when it comes to content, there are shops which intervene with assistance and offer complete package solutions' right to to use. This year sees but senators appeared package holiday calendars for home pets in stores!

One of the "sweetest" adult christmas calendars I have seen is my old neighbor wife's December gift to her husband, 24 different beers opkængt in red tape on the banister to the first floor of their Hasseris Villa.

The right to own light, and the right to beg light, has been secured through our history. The small tælleprås was precious, and you saved it when you were in possession of it. Christmas was the time of year where you took the liberty of waste a light if it were possible. From Mon bade welcome the Christmas season and until they put out the candle holders again by Epiphany.

The tradition of a kalenderlys equipped with 24 brands, from the first to 24 December, emerged in this country during the 1930s. Initially, the lights homemade on the German model, or there was talk about direct import from the south. Only as late as 1942 began light AspHolmblad factory producing candles bearing the date selection. Advent Calendar on radio and television

During the 1960 's, the traditional Advent calendar overtaken, first by radio and later television's Christmas calendars. The tradition of Christmas calendar media came to us from Sweden and the start went on Swedish radio in 1956. Four years later, the Swedes also a TV Christmas calendar. In Denmark, the Danish Broadcasting sending Christmas calendar at the same time, both in radio and television. It happened in 1962 with doll calendar "Christmas Stories from around the world" and the tradition has remained ever since. The first year dominated puppet films in 1967 produced children's and youth department at the Danish Broadcasting a television advent calendar with the doll Magnus Tagmus, and the success was so violent that it wound up first in the Radio Board and later in parliament. Because of a large sale and the accompanying door calendar and because of the Danish Radio monopoly, accused the graphic arts DR as acting competition. After much political drum dance was a little strange solution that future gate calendars were cleaned for Christmas designs - on the front (!) And the word 'Advent Calendar' was changed to the more neutral »Children's D Iandskalender '.

From 1990 TV2 has sent a televised Christmas calendar. They have not just sent one, but two series each year. The one for children and the other for adults. TY2 also has its door calendar, and the proceeds from the sale of it goes to the Christmas Seal Foundation and the sale thus support the four Christmas Seal, which the Fund operates.

For many people it can be hard to remember one Christmas from the other. If you have children, you can turn probably remember the year when the kids so Vinterbyøster, or where the family was gathered around Flemming and Berit or The Nightingale "The Advent Calendar".

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