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Your computer as "Smell-O-Phone"

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Your computer can more than just show text, images, video and sound!

With SmartCMS ® 2011 your computer can also produce scents. Your speakers simply will be turned into a "Smell-O-Phone", which regenerate certain vibrations in the air in a distance of up to several meters. These vibrations will be perceived as "scents" by most people's sences.

This function has been incorporated in the new Windows 9 and in SmartCMS. But even if you haven't installed Windows 9 or SmartCMS, you can have a foretaste of the new possibilities.

We have installed a version of the "Smell-O-Phone" module from SmartCMS on this page. The module will be avaiable on April 1 2011.

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Feel free to select a scent in the list below and try for yourself. Remember to turn your speakers on. The higher level the more metersthe "scent" will reach out into the room.

The scent will not have the same effect if you use headset or earphones.

Select smell:

Rose Cooking oil Newly brewed coffee Cigaret smoke
Female charm Newly cut hay Rotten fish Human fart

This service is ABSOLUTELY FREE for the first 1500 participants who join.
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