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36 years with computer graphics
16 years with SmartCMS

SmartCMS was founded by Peter Wendelboe in 1995, the same year as the Internet was expanded with the GUI. Prior to that time his ideas hve been behind numerous projects for nearly 25 years of developing computer programs using semi graphic design including to the Internet's predecessors, the sålaldte BBS (Bulletin Board Systems).

At that time it was not possible to reproduce real images on a computer screen. All graphics should be formed by yellow or green letters, numbers and signs on a brown or gray screen. But already in the 1970s, Peter Wendelboe's systems colud - even with this primitive technique - reproduce fairly detailed images and even animations and interactive computer presentations.

It was initially for a series of educational programs, an accounting software, price list and inventory maintenance, association and kundekarotek well as a curiosity, a program in seconds could write party songs for birthdays, confirmations and weddings. Among the first undrvisningsprogrammer was the Latin form and learn some historical and geographical interactive programs.

All this happened before DOS and Windows was born. There was no mouse or hard drive available. The programs stored on large flexible disks, and could only be settled on the type (brand) machine they were designed.

Only when Digital Research Corporation (USA) in 1980 was developed styresystemnet CP / M (Control Program for Microcomputers), it was possible to move applications created for one type of machine to another. CP / M was one of the first 8-bit operating systems for personal computers. Digital Research Corporation, however, committed the great mistake not to produce an operating system for the first IBM PCs. According to tradition, was president of Digital Research out flying in his airplane when IBM approached by telephone on an operating system. IBM withdrew and never returned to the matter.

IBM signed an agreement in place with the young Bill Gates who created Microsoft Corporation, which developed the MS-DOS based on CP / M version 2.2. During the mid-1980s became MS-DOS the standard operating system for IBM-compatible personal computers and the groundwork was laid for the global data communications.

Peter Wendelboe has been involved throughout. Read more here.
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The name Template King and the logo to the right is a trademark for Peter Wendelboe's world famous Web Site Design. He chose a name with initials TK, because the proceeds of the Dot TK Registry goes partly towards development projects on the Islands of Tokelau.

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Besides being an annual recurring joke the first April is the page an offer for you to enjoy the internationally acclaimed multimedia artist Peter Wendelboe's creative abilities.

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